You’re awesome, because you are!

You’re awesome, because you are.   By: Jeremiah C.F. Knight

Welcome to today you blessed person. Today is the start of the rest of your life, literally, because we sure aren’t getting any younger. Your time is precious today, and you have a lot of things going for you, namely you are still alive and have a list of options to choose from to accomplish whatever goals you have set for yourself. If you have no goals set for yourself then please do us both a favor and get some.

Today you can change your whole outlook on life by doing some very easy, cheap, and useful things.

0. Seek ye first the kingdom of God. Find God first before anything else and accept Him into your heart.. simple right?

1. Smile. Smiling makes whatever is living inside of you feel better about whp you are and what your dealing with. Even when my dad died my smile is what brought a sense of ownership over the situation that steadied me into a happy state rather than a sad one, that and a lot of prayer.

2.Take a bath. Even if you are completely impoverished you can still find some stream to clean yourself with, where I come from we have over 11 thousand lakes but watch out for leeches. And let me tell you it will make a world of difference both mentally and physically. Even the symbolism of washing away your past problems that have accumulated on your physical being is something special that we should all share in, at least once a year….

3.Look appealing. Now this can come in many different forms so I’ll make it all the more simple- look good with what you’ve been blessed with. If you have hair make sure that hair looks amazing, and vice versa if you do not. Just look the way you wish to be. If you are overweight like I am, I lift weights and diet to try to look the way that I wish to look and in doing so I have the opportunity to meet a lot of beautiful, talented, and awesome people. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to meet you too; whoever you might be.

4. Be confident- but not idiotic. What I mean is lets just try to get the ground rules and parameters established before we jump at people. Show people that you are excited about life and they will either be blown away by it, because deep down inside they wish they could too, or they will loose their collective minds in revolt of the idea that there are happy people out their like you yourself now are. In either instance be happy.

5. Listen. People, at least as I have seen, do very little listening. Oh sure, they might stop talking just enough to let you talk, but it is as if they haven’t absorbed a single word that you have said. So if someone, for instance a millionaire, speaks to you about how to build a financial empire it is best to invest some thought into remembering the words he is conveying to you.

6. Be nice. What I mean to say is respect everyone with due, or overdue respect. Every person on this planet is a member of the human race born from two parents and made by the one true God Elohim.

7. You are not the King of New York, so you shouldn’t act like it. Don’t act period. You are no better than any other human being on this planet and when you grow in maturity you need to pass these principles on to you neighbors so that they can be just as crazy happy as you.

8. Do something right now. Take the first step to the life you want to achieve right now. If you cannot afford the books to study for whatever profession you wish you can go into your local library and study for the low, low price of nothing. If you wish to sing, get to singing and follow singers you wish to sing like on social media. Learn from the greats for the price of internet by going on Youtube, or any other streaming agency and follow the masters of your future craft. If you want to be an author, read, read, read, and read some more, than come up with an idea and write it out which leads me to my next point-

9. Never give up. I don’t mean like you have a thousand pounds on your back for a squat personal record and you just cannot move the weight so you decide to keep it on you back because you refuse to quit, in this case it is seriously dangerous. But, if you are indeed getting into writing don’t give up with your first refusal email, or with your one hundredth because sometimes it takes a million people to see a good idea before they recognize it’s brilliance, at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

10. Be selfless. Go out of your way for other people. Do they deserve it? Yes, and here’s why, because we are all God’s creation. We are made in His image and we are made to take care of one another, but if we go the extra distance someone, somewhere will notice it and reward it because that is the likeness we are born into, in them, coming out.

11. Be humble. Eventually you will be insanely popular from being the new you, people will splatter praise on you like an awe inspiring torrential downpour, and it will go to your head, so be humble. Act cool, but not high and mighty. Be thankful for every comment you get and thank the person that is giving it to you so that they feel special about giving it, or else they will stop giving them.

12. Don’t be mad. Hostile people don’t really attract other people, quite the opposite, they push them away, and that is not what we want. So, even when your boss, coworker, family member, parishioner, or cat gets you angry, just smile… and murder them with kindness! Use your words to inflict on them the most vicious torture known to man, mental warfare. Trust me after they see they cannot control you with their rage it will make them feel an inch tall, then you can sit back and feel good about how you handled the situation and how awesome it was to mentally destroy them.

13. Write stuff down. Not all ideas are brilliant, but sometimes you have a monumental experience and you just have to take note of it, so do so. Bring a notepad with you everywhere you go, amd when the mood strikes- you can capture it. Sometimes it is better to write down an engagement and remember it then to forget it, like an actual engagement.

14. Get some sleep. You’d be surprised to see how much difference a good night of sleep will make on you and in you work. Very easy to do, just preplan eight hours of time to lay down and go to sleep, or if you have kids… more than an hour will do. Sure, you’d have to give up all that extra time you were saving up for chasing down stray kittens to dress them up like cowboys, but believe me when you are sitting around with millions of extra dollars you wont miss it. Wish I was.

15.Eat right/train hard. Devout another hour a day, or more, to cardio and weightlifting. you don’t need a gym to lift, or do cardio, and you heart with thank you if you don’t eat Chinese all the time… once a week is still hard for me to pass up. And don’t carb up before you sleep, actually just best to not eat that many carbs at all.

16. Network. Talk to people everywhere. Sure, some of them don’t wish to be bothered, but if you tell them something as simple as you’re awesome, or I believe in your dreams they usually accept it with open arms. My most common reaction is a smile and if that is the one thing you give to a person, well its important but not as important as spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The people you meet can, and sometimes will help you even if it is just a few words of advice. And meeting many people will guarantee that you become known, especially if you making them all smile, because then you are the kind, or creepy stranger..

17. Stop spending so much time on you internet device. I understand that for some of you “the internet” is your business, so that’s kind of alright, but you will miss the most important parts of life around you, like children growing up, your parents aging, and other people that could potentially help you with your career.

18. Be passionate about your dreams. Not all dreams come true, but yours can. The only way to explain your dreams to someone, in an interesting way, is with passion. Show them how much it means to you and show them how they cannot live without it. This is the key to selling not only your idea to them, but yourself as well.

19. Plan for the future. This process of building dreams is not a race, its a marathon. And how do you win a marathon? First you prepare for it by training, then its as simple as one step after the next until your done. Life isn’t always as easy as this but believe me when I tell you that if you have a dream you must plan your step every day for every year your alive or you will divert back into obscurity.

20. Get rid of the poison in your life. Poison comes in many forms, whether that be family, friends, diversions, addictions, kitten collections, what have you, and they will do nothing but carry you away from your goal, well the kittens would be cool. Don’t get sidetracked even if the kitten monsters are licking your face off and cutely meowing  at you… Kittens!

22. Pray. Pray like there’s no tomorrow, because there might not be. Ask God to direct you on your path to your dream and for everything else, because he kind of knows everything. Best place to go for directions is the one who built the road.

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