Waiting for the book drop.

Diaries of a Holy Knight will be dropping soon. I will have the book cover done within the next couple of weeks and all that waits for me is… me. I will either go back through it again ad naseum or put it up on Amazon and let the people review it as they please. This is just the first book in the Diaries of a Holy Knight Series and I will be getting an ISBN for it just in case a major publishers which to take on the book- which I assume will happen at or around 2 million copies sold, in which case why would I need them? God is pouring out his blessings on me and all I had to do was… be crazy? You all are awesome and I believe in your dreams.

Look out for my book of short stories “ASK MY MOM: THE SHORT STORIES IN MY MIND” which is out whenever Creatspace puts it up. I just started my account and uploaded my story yesterday. You are all winners, so but the book at the low low price of .99 cents and leave a terrible review. You are the bestest!!!

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