What I’m hoping to get done tonight…

IMG_1901I have quite a lot of ground to catch up on since I have chosen to throw all of this work on top of myself. I will be reading through the first three Chapters tonight including the introduction which isn’t a bad thing. I really love my own work but everytime I read it I start to get the sense that no-one else will. This is not necessarily an uncommon feeling shared by authors everywhere. On to better things.

Ask My Mom: The Short Stories In My Mind is doing far better than I expected. As long as I have people reading it everyday I could care less how much money I make from the project. I am making money from that book btw, and I am ecstatic. If you have some free time to read a book of goofy short stories check out Ask My Mom: The Short Stories In My Mind on Amazon.com.

I would further like to thank everyone that is supporting me on my ventures, from family to political figures, and celebrities I appreciate them all. God Bless you all and thank you God for everything.

You, whoever you are that are reading this, are awesome and I believe in your dreams.

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