Two More Chapters- YAY!!!


You are awesome and I believe in your dreams!!! I finished the revisions of chapters 2 and 3 with most just being redundancies. This doesn’t deter me from publishing it by the end of June, but I feel I need to be most strategic. Hopefully I will learn from the Paar group of marketing how to get this thing done. I have been learning a lot of self publishing advice from Derek Murphy of and I am currently trying to watch all of his videos to glean any bits of information I can. I purchased his book Guerrila Marketing and am totes excited about reading it!!!

I have learned from every successful dreamer I know that persistence is the key to victory. You will think you can’t keep going, you will think it’s easier to give up, but you will lose out on loving a life you can be happy with. You will lose out on your success if you just say no. Stand up today and say yes!!! Stand up today and make a move in the direction of you dreams, it’s about time you stop sweating for things you don’t let or and start sweating for things you do like. You will alwyas have to work to get what you want, even if it is to be lazy. Being lazy takes a lot of work for absolutely nothing at all.

You are all winners and thank you for your assistance on our journey to the publishing of DOAHK series later this month, and I will have Dump Town Tales; The Sydney Chronicles by the end of the summer- Septemberish

Thank you Jesus!!! I love you!!!

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