Self-Publishing A Christian Fantasy Novel. Step One.


So to begin with- write one. This step might be very easy or very detrimental to your ego and for me it was a little of both. God gave me inspiration for this woman endevour everyday of my life and now I am about to enter the finale of this the saga that isn’t Diaries of a holy knight: The In-Between, or Doahk. It has taken me 6 years so far to write this story about seven teenage misfits that ask God to be tested and are sent to a world called the In-Between where they have to save the life of an Angel or else the worlds greatest threat will be brought back to life by her blood. I feel I had just a thing sat and focused o writing this book would have been out my any years ago but everythin is in God’s timing, and I prefer that way.

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So to recap- Step One: Write The Book👍

God bless you and I believe in your dreams!!!

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