I have retaken a step because I know I can do it better this time around and what wa holding me back on this go was… me. You are awesome and I believe in your dreams!!! Hi, I am Jeremiah Cayne Francis Knight and I am the Author of Diaries of a Holy Knight: The In-Between (DOAHK TIB) which should be up on Amazon.com sometimes early July, and the book ASK MY MOM: THE SHORT STORIES IN MY MIND which is currently out on Amazon.com. I am going back through my book trying to make it even more entertaining because was just missing some things, nothin too much just backstoriea on two of the characters needed to be deeper. They now are when you read this Christian Fantasy Young Adult novel you will love these people even more so. I gave you step one to writing a Christian Fiction last night and tomorrow I will give you step two. Happy Fathers Day, and God bless you winners!!!😊

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