DOAHK, and Plexus.


Welcome back!!! You are awesome and I believe in your dreams!!! I am going to take the Plexus challenge. I will be ordering the stuff on July 6th which I seen work well for people that take it. I will document on facebook at what I ate, what I trained, how much I trained, and how much I slept.

Diaries of a Holy Knight: The In-Between will be coming out closer to August. I will let you all know the week of so we can get that party started. It was delayed because of my job being completely busy. But outside of those incovieniances I am making strives to bring my dreams to life. Please be in praye for the book spreading all over the earth. It is all about teenagers finding and fighting for their Saviour. You’ll love it!!!

Follow me on YouTube at Smiling Jeremiah

God bless you!!! You are a winner and you are one step closer to your dreams!!!

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