You are awesome and I believe in your dreams!!! The days are drawing nigh for Diaries of a Holy Knight: The In-Between to finally get published on, and createspace!!! Almost six years of work and atleast 40 rejections from literary agents to publishers before I finally took the plunge to put my book on Amazon instead of begging the big dogs for a bone. An ideas from sharing my heart with youth members has now cultivated into a fully developed product. Years of rereading, second guessing, praying, disapairing, and overcoming has lee to nowhere I could currently am and where I will go. God has set this one time in the lives of my family and I for a huge change that will affect the Christian world for the better!!! A story about a youth member named Justin Smith go goes out to pray at a lock in at church and prays to be tested by God so that he would know byond the shadow of a doubt that He exists. Justin into a world of interesting creatures, amazing locales, and huge political struggles where he has to save an Angel from a Demon King. But when he return home he has to deal with a brand new principle that hat hates him!!!

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