Dump Town Tales: Green Tail and Glory Tooth.

Green Tail and Glory Tooth

Dump Town Tales: Green Tail and Glory Tooth:

Chapter One: The Day She Bit.

“The sun shined the day she was born. The sun disappeared the day she was captured. I will get her back even if it costs me everything, because without her life isn’t worth enjoying. I must rescue her. I must go to Dump Town. I will be back soon.” A male squirrel dressed in acorn armor scribbled onto a note and placed near a throne made from a soda glass before exiting out of the window.

This squirrel is not altogether lean or overweight, or anything else at all, but he does have a certain defining characteristic- his tail is green. Not just green but neon green. I mean REALLY, REALLY NEON GREEN!

The children squirrels would poke fun at him for his tail, and his stinky gas, calling him freak, or a fur-baby (as the squirrels knew the Furbies of Dump Town), and it made him very sad. All except for one female squirrel stuck up for him, and she was the princess of their tribe- Glory Tooth.

Princess Glory Tooth had the biggest tooth in the tribe, and there were rumors that she might have had the biggest tooth in the entire Annoying Squirrel Alliance, but that was only ever heard of from a homeless beaver that was confused with its lot in life and decided to the live in the trees so not many paid him any attention. But rumors do spread.

Glory Tooth and Green Tail, which was the boy squirrels name, were playing around after school chasing after a lost Furby, calling her Stink Face which she didn’t like very much, when the sound of giggles alerted them that something was happening at their tribe. They returned to the sight of hundreds of squirrels from the Alliance gathering up Glory Tooth’s squirrels and tickling them unconscious.

The princess wasn’t going to stand for that so she made her way through the town, biting the soldier squirrels with her huge tooth, and it really hurt. It turned out that the squirrels were only there so that the Emperor of the Alliance, Big Teeth, could see the Princess. So, they captured her.

Green tail had never been so angry in his life. He wasn’t afraid or sad but fiercely angry and that’s when he noticed he had a certain magic. The angrier Green Tail was the more his tail would glow green even hurting other animal’s eyes. He knew what he must do.

He ran like a bright green streak right into a crowd of incredibly confused soldiers. Each of which were so blinded by his tail that Green Tail was able to easily knock them over, give them a wedgie, and move on to the next one, until it was just he and Big Teeth.

Big Teeth was incredible. He was at least five times the size of a normal squirrel, had a massive flat tail, and his teeth were on par with a beaver’s… a beaver? Wait a minute- Big Teeth is a BEAVER!





















Chapter Two: The Day She Cried.

Green Tail moved throughout the capital city FURITCH under the patchy light of the moon. His trail weaved throughout the shadowy alleyways of the tree kingdom until he had reached the end of the branches of the capitol city. It was hundreds of feet taller than all the other pine trees around it and without a second glance Green Tail dove off the edge.

As he fell he remembered the first time he was called into to combat with her, his princess, by his side. Green tail was made into the personal bodyguard of Glory Tooth the night she was captured. Not because of his ability to fight, or his blinding tail, but for saying three words out loud before being promoted on the spot- “You’re a Beaver?”

Green Tail was disliked throughout the Alliance due to his sudden status change and realy he was just as surprised as they. Glory Tooth didn’t much mind being crowned princess of the Alliance but she was upset that so many of her tribe had to be tickled to do it. And why did they do it? The beaver, I mean Emperor Big Teeth, wanted a daughter very badly but only one that had such beautiful teeth.

The two of them were immediately put into combat training per tradition instated over squirrels by a beaver. It turned out that Glory Tooth was beyond every other squirrel in their group and always refused to bite Green Tail… hard. Shortly after their graduation they were sent on a mission into what the Emperor called the most disgusting place in the world- Riverland, the home of the Beavers.

It turns out a particularly smart Beaver had built a super dam and was recruiting a cohort of other beavers to try to make it electric like the humans had, but by the time the two of them got there it was on fire. Setting fire to the dam was exactly what they were going there to do which displeased Glory Tooth.

She was so mad the she broke all kinds of protocol and walked right into the dam. She bit everyone in there, put the fire out, started her own fire and walked out in a huff. Green tail was so incredibly amazed by Glory Tooth’s actions that he just sat back and watched. He figured it was for the best. Then the princess did something that shocked him. She sat down on the ground, patted the ground for him to sit next to her and cried.

Green Tail sat down as directed. He wondered what had gone on inside her amazing mind, and wow did she have a beautiful tooth. What? Did he just stare at her? Did he just think about making out with her tooth? Snap out of it, he thought because they were best friends and this could never, ever work… right?

“Thank you.” The Princess said as they got up and returned to FURITCH.

“Thank you for what my majesty?” Green Tail asked afraid of the answer.

“Thank you for letting me be me.” Glory Tooth said and she reached out and used his tail to wipe away her tears. He liked it a lot.






















Chapter Three: The Day She Laughed.

Green Tail grabbed a branch of a vastly smaller tree among the woods and climbed down as quickly as he could. As he was heading down the bark he kept checking off to the south were a weird green glow lit up a small swamp covered in piles of trash. That was his destination- Dump Town. And he was getting himself ready for battle.

He had grown accustomed to battle when one-day Emperor Big Teeth decided he wanted to invade a part of the woods that had never belonged to him. He decided to invade the Murder Dog Democracy. The Murder Dogs were massive beasts 100 times bigger than a normal squirrel. Those monsters beat up anything they saw, and then voted on what to do with their victims afterwards, which most of the time ended in the victim being dinner.

After weeks of surveillance that the Murder Dogs found hilarious, it was discovered that there were at least 27 of them throughout their territory. Once Big Teeth had this information, an insanity took hold of him. He decided to send just 1000 squirrels to conquer the lands. No one was happy about this, and two of these were Green Tail, and Glory Tooth.

When the verdict came down to them it was Big Teeth himself who decided that they should go. After the princess had haphazardly explained to the Emperor that 1000 squirrels wouldn’t even match a single Murder Dog, Big Teeth assigned her and her guardian to personally oversee the attack. A deep resentment began to build in her mind toward her adopted father.

A grand parade was held for the 1000 scared squirrels on their way out of FURITCH. Later that day all 1000 squirrels were captured by the Murder Dog, they were delicious. With the exception of two squirrels the invasion was a complete disaster but those two were too busy being chased by a rather grumpy Murder Dog to care about that. It turns out that this Murder dog didn’t like to be bit by Glory Tooth. She was shocked.

Along the way Glory Tooth had stumbled over and the beast was about to return the princesses favor when a bright green light blinded it. Green Tail grabbed her into his arms and climbed a nearby tree where they watched the blinded animal slam into objects finally knocking itself out. Glory Tooth laughed all the harder every time the dog yelped with pain. Green Tail thought she might have a problem, but that disappeared when her claws dug into his arms with glee, and he stared into her tooth.

There it was again, the glint of sunlight off of her tooth, the smell of acorns on her breath, the look of delight in her eyes. He knew at that moment that he wanted to eat acorns with her forever. He knew that he wanted to share a hundred lifetimes with her and have twenty million kids. He knew what he wanted, but what did she want? And a startling thought crossed his mind as he looked at the princess laughing her head off at the poor animal in pain below. He might never know what that is, but what a ride it would be.























Chapter Four: The Day She Burped.

Green Tail wanted Glory Tooth to know that he was coming for her as he darted through the underbrush. He wanted her to know that she didn’t have to worry about anything because her guardian would be there soon. He would break apart any FurBaby that stood in his way. He just wanted to see her breath again and smell her smiles. He just wanted to be near her again, and never leave her tooth.

There was a time after the great Murder Dog failure that Green Tail was called away from his Princess. He traveled with a small group of Squirrels to put down a rebellion on the outer crust of the Alliance in a very familiar place, his former tribe. It was an odd reunion.

The tribe hadn’t changed much except it was barricaded up and smelled like black licorice. Along the walls that had been erected erratically, there were sizable gaps that none had seemed to be too worried about, which means their tribe was still full of idiots. Green Tail chose one of these many holes and climbed on through, right into the center of their tree.

This is when he had found out something even weirder had changed about their tribe. The whole inside of the tree no longer looked like the tribal housing he had grown up in. No, it looked like the inside of a beaver’s dam. And not just that, they had a new leader. The new leader was the crazy old beaver who had climbed up years ago trying to be a squirrel. His name was Emperor Big Tail, the “squirrel” with the biggest tail!

Green Tail almost fell over from the madness of it all. What were with these beavers and why did they want to be squirrels so much? Was their lifes so very bad in the Riverlands? And if this beaver just made a dam in their tree then why not in the river where they were supposed to be? And why did they want to claim rulership?

All of these problems were but a side not to the real problem so Green Tail walked right up to the old throne, which was much too small for the beavers butt. His tail alerted everyone that an Alliance soldier had just waltzed on into their royal chambers and that it was Green Tail one of the most dangerous warriors they had. Green Tail noticed their apprehension and said, “What the heck is going on?”

“You will bow to me Green Tail and swear allegiance to me, EMPEROR BIG TAIL OF THE SQUIRRELS, or you will-“

“You… are… a … BEAVER!!!” Green Tail yelled breaking a spell over all of the squirrels in the tribe, and causing Big Tail to break out in a cold sweat. “You have been here for years as the crazy beaver that climbed up one day saying that he was a squirrel. You’re not a squirrel, and you need to go home to the Riverlands.”

From that day on Big Tail, Brad was his real name, found his purpose in life back as a beaver, the tribe went back to Alliance rule, and when the news of a fight to quell the rebellion hadn’t happened reached the princess she burped in disapproval.




















Chapter Five: The Day She Smiled.

Green Tail was getting closer now because he could smell the years old wet garbage more with ever hurried step. He wondered to himself if he would be able to smell Glory Tooth’s Tooth, that glorious acorn smell. He hoped she had not been harmed too bad by those monsters! His tail started to light up in anger but he had to calm himself down, or else he would give his position away and that’s when he remembered what he always remembered too make him normal again. The time Glory Tooth smiled her brightest.

Green Tail had been on many missions for the Alliance now and was even made Colonel over its military might, and his strategic ability was tested when the southern reaches of the Alliance had a snake problem. The pits is where the deadly venomous snakes lived and they loved to harass the Furbabies. Green Tail didn’t much want to attack the snakes but the Princess herself, who had become something of a celebrity throughout the Alliance said that she would personally accompany Colonel Green Tail into battle, and that was reason enough to go for him.

The Princess had grown beautifully. She was now twice Green Tails size, along the tubby side, her tail had become very bushy, and her tooth was now all the way down to her belly- it was magnificent. He loved spending time with Glory Tooth, even though she towered over him, and deep down inside Glory Tooth enjoyed this too. They traveled together with a small contingent of solider squirrels, 10000, to fight 200 hungry poisonous snakes. The Princess was thrilled.

The army holed up in the biggest tree on the outskirts of the pits to watch for weaknesses in the snake’s formations and fortifications, but there weren’t any. They didn’t have any fortifications because… they are snakes on the ground, and they didn’t have any formations because… they are snakes on the ground. The lead snake was a rather small cobra in the very middle of the group and that is where the Princess was currently running for.

Green Tail tried to catch up to the Princess, with his tail glowing as brightly as possible, because he was her protector and he was worried. Glory Tooth had, at some point unknown to Green Tail, became a biting ninja. She enjoyed every snake skin she pierced with that amazing tooth until it was painted red. She darted through the masses of snakes expertly dodging every fangy snake bite. Green Tail no longer worried about her, but for himself because the snakes could still find him.

The snakes were not blinded by his green light and their attacks were expertly seeking his booty. It was a good thing that Green Tail had a very thick fur or else he would’ve been sick by now. The only way he figured he could win was by passing his disgusting farts into the snake’s mouths. It was super effective.

The Queen of the snakes surrendered as Glory Tooth was approaching her in a tornado of bites. This made the Princess FURIOUS! Green Tail finally made his way to the middle of the defeated group only after the Queen of the snakes looked like an already eaten apple. The Princess was standing over the Queen with the biggest smile on her face as she turned to Green Tail, grabbed him by his chubby cheeks, leaned into his face and…

“Thank you again, my dearest friend.” Glory Tooth whispered and walked away from him leaving a burning desire in his heart to marry her tooth. That was the last time he ever saw her… until she disappeared the next day.


















Chapter Six: The Day She Lied.

Green radiating mist oozed up from the landscape as Green Tail stepped into the enormous clearing that housed Dump Town and its Green River. The whole town sent the green color into the sky and the stinky smell into Green Tails nostrils. All his nose wanted to smell was the chin of Glory Tooth. All he wanted to do was be near her armpits again.

He bounded to each floating 1990’s used milk cartons, because those don’t seem to break down in nuclear waste, to fast-food burger disks until he reached the distant shores of the Green. Once across he looked for any signs of guards or lookouts and found nothing. What were with the rest of the creatures in the Trees? Why were they so lax on safety and security? Didn’t they know that kidnapping Glory Tooth would lead to war with the greatest army in the world… or was this a TRAP!

Green Tail darted behind a mound of houses to dodge a bored Furbaby running slowly in his direction and yelling out “WAHOO” as it cannonballed into the Green. That water kills everything that enters it, Green Tail thought. That Furbaby must’ve known that the Alliance was coming to destroy them and decided to just give up. Smart choice for that weak pathetic thief!

He climbed his way right into the town square where he found the only normal looking building and entered. Green Tail had never entered this terrible place because the Emperor told them that no squirrel would ever survive living there, that and leaving the Alliance to live outside of it’s border was a crime punishable by being exiled. He climbed to the top like a ninja, scraped a hole into the ceiling and hopped in.

This design was odd. It looked like a human’s house although he had never been to one, just saw them in magazines that birds used in their nests. There were two levels full to the max with… batteries? And as he leaned over the banister to the floors below he found the leader of the of the Furbabies, President Christopher, and there standing next to him was-

“MY PRINCESS!” Green Tail yelled as he fell to the floors below and bonked his head. He awoke to find himself surrounded by Furbabies. Hundreds of them, all holding sharpened-pen-spears, until Glory Tooth, now almost three times Green Tails height, held up her hands and moved next to him. She said, “Knock it off, he’s with me.”

Green Tail was shocked that the wall of enemy soldiers lowered their weapons and backed away. Christopher moved forward and grabbed Green Tail into a hug. Green Tail looked over at Glory Tooth and she rolled her eyes at this display.

“Princess, what is going on here?” Green Tail asked very confused.

“I have fled the tyrannical emperor Big Teeth because he kidnapped us as children to be his slaves! He punches me everyday, and these wonderful Furbys, not Furbabies as we have always called them, want to protect us from his abusive grasp.” Glory Tooth said in an overly dramatic fashion with a forced tear running down her beautiful tooth.

Green Tail shook his head in disagreement before his eyes widened with surprise. He finally realized that she was talking about them, and that she had lied. If anything, Glory Tooth punched Big Teeth every day and he had the marks to prove it. The Emperor was more afraid of Glory Tooth than she ever knew, because he would complain to Green Tail all the time about it.

















Chapter Seven: The Day She Fell In Love.

Green tail was incredibly confused. What was the end goal here outside of war between the Furby’s and the Alliance. War? Was that what Glory Tooth really wanted between them, but why? What could the beautiful, delicate, furious biting destruction princess want with a war?

“Aren’t you afraid of the Alliances powerful army?” Green Tail asked Christopher as the three of them walked out onto the balcony of the building that surveyed the landscape to the north.

“Absolutely.” Christopher said peeing himself a little. “But we cannot stand here and allow any bullying to any person, dead or alive. And if that mean fighting a war that we will most definitely be eradicated in then… tough coconuts, I guess.”

“Okay?” Green Tail said now questioning the sanity of Christopher before redirecting his reasoning to the princess. “My Princess, we can stop the slaughter of these mentally ill beasts by simply going home and-“

“We’ve gone too far to go back now; don’t you see that?” Glory Tooth yelled with a wildness to her eyes that he had only caught a few times before, and that was when she watched other animals in pain. “We must let this war happen! I must be allowed to be who I am! You of all people should know what that’s like- what with your condition and all.”

“What do you mean my condition. It’s just a glowing green tail. Nothing too bad about that and my stinky gas, but that’s it.” Green Tail said looking at his tail which had grown even longer, along with a stripe in a feather design on it.

“Has no one ever told you the real reason you were made fun of when we were young?” The Princess asked calming down a bit with a smear of sadness and regret on her face. Green Tail had never seen her regret anything, so why now? “You were the stinky butt of ridicule because, well, you are a skunk and you have a stinky butt.”

“I’m a what?” Green Tail asked indignantly. “That is absurd. How on earth can I be a-“

Glory Tooth pulled him back inside to a mirror, hanging along the wall. “Look.”

Green Tail looked and great tears welled up in his eyes. He was a skunk, and had never noticed it before. He wasn’t sad, or mad, but better. It all made sense now, and he was healed of some burden that had laid well hidden inside of him. A riddle that had been in his heart had finally been solved and this was his prize. Peace, overwhelming peace.

“But, why were you friends with me if you knew I wasn’t a squirrel?” Green Tail asked. “Why would you be friends with a stanky-old skunk?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Glory Tooth said as she bent over to pick him up, and brought his face close to hers. “Because from the very first day that crazy mother of yours found you in the Green River… I’ve been in love with you.”

Green Tail wanted to sceam, “BUT WHY?” but couldn’t think of anything outside of the miraculous kiss Glory Tooth was planting on him.

















Chapter 8: The Day She Got Hurt.

Green Tail and Glory Tooth embraced in this kiss for two whole days until Christopher broke them apart in fear that Glory Tooth was somehow being abused by Green Tail on accident, which had nothing to do with anything- ever. Green Tail wondered what had happened during their kiss and President Christopher relayed the information that multiple delegates from the Annoying Squirrel Alliance had requested the return of the two or else they would most certainly invade Dump Town. These squirrels were turned away every time with overly polite hugs, and odd handshakes but never a reply. Christopher also said that one hundred thousand squirrels were outside the Green, right this second, waiting to invade.

Green Tail’s eyes bulged out of his head in shock as Glory Tooth yelled “WAIT!” He took off for the northern outskirts of Dump Town to try and stop the war which he knew would burn this area off the map forever. He stood at the edges of the Green and saw a mass of thousands of true Squirrel warriors, most of which he trained, waiting for the order to invade. Each one of them, he knew, could beat-up at least two Furbys.

“STOP!” Green Tail yelled to the utter confusion of the Squirrels standing in formation not doing anything. “Let me talk to the Emperor!”

“Is that you Green Tail, my son?” A voice called over the crowd deep into the evening mists of the woods. “Have you emptied this awfully stinky place of its inhabitants and rescued our dear Princess?”

“No, my great Emperor Big Teeth, I have not. And there isn’t a reason to rescue the Princess, because she wasn’t abducted at all!”

A gasp ran through the crowd and the hurried whispers of concern sprang up in patches throughout.

“Then why… is… she… here?” Emperor Big Teeth said sprinting to the end of the green waters.

“SAVE ME DADDY!” Glory Tooth yelled wearing a fresh rope around her hands loosely tied together, and glared daggers at Green Tail. “They have captured me, and Green Tail as he tried to rescue me days ago. We have just made it this far by tricking the guards and sneaking away. SAVE ME DADDY! KILL THEM ALL!!!”

“Don’t do this my Emperor!” Green Tail yelled with sadness in every word as he stared at the angry face of his love’s tooth. “She really did come here on her on, and convinced these stupid things to protect her from you, because she said you were abusive.”

“IS THIS TRUE MY HEART? Is this true my princess, my daughter?” Emperor Big Teeth said with a fresh wetness running down his cheeks.

Glory Tooth stared hatefully into Green Tail’s eyes and there it was as if the earth had turned upside down. “He is a liar! And a Furby spy, and wants to take over as Emperor!”

Her love was gone from him. “It pains me to do this, but throw Green Tail into the Green River! We invade at first light!” Emperor Big Teeth commanded.

Green Tail watched himself get picked up by Glory Tooth and tossed into the waters of death. There was a tear in her eyes but she refused to let it fall. He hated himself for hurting her.


















Chapter 9: The Day She Was Herself.

Green Tail wasn’t happy with himself as he sank into the water that could kill the squirrels by touch, but why should that matter to him since he wasn’t a squirrel anymore, or had ever been. He had lived a life of lies until just two days ago. Maybe he should just give up and let the Green take him to Squirrel Heaven, or where ever skunks go off to, but what will happen to the poor Furbys in the morning?

He swam to the surface just fast enough to see princess Glory Tooth “escape” across the glowing water with a very confused Christopher begging the princess to come back and be pampered. She wasn’t having it. As Green Tail got out of the water Emperor Big Teeth yelled, “Prepare yourself for tomorrow you will be subject to the justice of the Squirrel Emperor!”

“YOU… ARE… A… BEAVER!” Green Tail yelled in fury.

The whole army turned to him in complete shock. The had been duped as realization exploded in the group. The Emperor was too big, had a huge flat tail, and donned the largest teeth in the Alliance, so of course he was a different animal. Thinking about it the last Squirrel leader of the Alliance was supposed to have had the biggest teeth until the fateful party in Riverland which sent us this giant “squirrel wannabe” into their lives. By the next morning the old Emperor was gone and this guy was in charge.

“That is INSANITY! I am a Squirrel!” Big Teeth said as the army around him closed in to take their frustration of being fooled for all these years out on him. “Princess. You know your daddy is a-“

“A beaver…. I’ve always known because I mean, seriously?” Glory Tooth said smiling as bright as she could. “Do to him what he deserves- pinch him within an inch of his life!”

The massive screams of a confused beaver carried through the winds of the night for many hundreds of yards back into the Riverlands as Glory Tooth, laughing with joy, became the leader of the Alliance. She was given the lasts Emperors cloak and it was just a little big. They marched back to their camp and Green Tail frantically tried to convince Christopher to flee.

“We cannot leave while someone is bullying someone else. It is against our religion.” Christopher said rubbing the Green waters onto his pink fur.

“WE are about to be bullied to death by that massive army if we don’t run for our lives, or stand and fight them.” Green Tail said to the udder disdain of the Furbys.

“We do not fight people… ever!” Christopher said. “It’s not who we are!”

“Well Glory Tooth showed us who she is and she wants us all dead, so we have to fight back! Have you never fought against injustice?” Green Tail asked.

Christopher looked around the room filled with the Furbie-Elite-Hugging-Soldiers and remembered the event that made him President in the first place; the moment that almost took his life by fire. “Jerkface… What do we do Military Commander Green Tail.”

And just like that he went from a Squirrel, to a Skunk, to a Furbie.


















Chapter 10: The Day She Needed.

“You hurt me yesterday, Green Tail!” Glory Tooth exclaimed, standing at the forefront of her soldiers whom had built a bridge over the Green during the night. “All I wanted to do was be myself and you wouldn’t allow me to do that. Why?”

“You know me better than any other Squirrel in the world.” Green Tail said with pain on his face in front of five thousand Furbys who were all turned into soldiers in three hours of training. “You know I love you and I never wanted to hurt you, but I couldn’t let you start this war… which happened anyway.”

“You are a stinky skunk, just like the squirrels at school said! And you will feel my bite!” Glory Tooth said as she started to move across the bridge.

“I love you, but I will not let your hurt these ridiculous Furbabies.” Green Tail said as his tail burst into bright-green light, which made even the far away squirrels squint in the daytime.

“Then you don’t love me at all! You HATE ME!” Glory Tooth said running now across the bridge in anger with one hundred thousand squirrels running past her in speed.

Green Tail tripped over twenty of these soldiers off the bridge, and knocked out almost a hundred with his gas before being captured. The Furby army ran for their lives, as they were trained to do, all the way to the other side of the green waters, because the squirrels only had one bridge and can’t swim. Glory Tooth ordered that they split up and send fifty thousand soldiers back across the bridge to fight them outside of Dump Town, just in case they try to get in the Green again. She then ordered for Green Tail to be brought to her.

He was bound with multiple coverings on his tail, and a large pillow tied to his booty. Green Tail felt powerless much like he did at school before he met… the large lady squirrel sitting on a custom-made throne in front of him. Her breath was magnificent with the smell of rotted plastic, and her tooth was more extraordinary than ever before. Every time he saw her, he fell in love all over again.

“Do you know why I had you brought before me?” Glory Tooth asked.

“I hope it is because you still love me deep down inside.” Green Tail guessed.

“It is… but I am still mad at you for what you did. Every other time in my life you let me be me, why not last night?” Emporess Glory Tooth asked with genuine concern on her face.

“I think it’s because I didn’t want to think of you as a… squirrel that wants to hurt stuff.” He said in the most polite way he could think about calling her a saddist.

She exploded into laughter. “Leave us.” Glory Tooth said and the frightened soldiers surrounding Green Tail left. “Now that they’re gone I can finally tell you that I am not a squirrel. I am also a beaver.”

It all made sense again. His life had revolved back to the answer of another question that was hidden deep within his heart. He knew, of course he knew, but he had pushed those thoughts away for years- too afraid to admit them. His love for her complicated everything and now she was a different species. What did this all mean?

“Anyways,” Glory Tooth continued, “I love you that is true, but the squirrels believe you are a spy. So, the only way you can make this right is to marry me.”
















Chapter 11: The Day He Said I Do.

“Retreat!” Glory Tooth announced and the full army pulled away from Dump Town being chased by a force of 25,000 battle hardened Furbys led by an outraged Icedawg. “How did this happen?”

“They showed up out of nowhere my Emperess.” Yelled a scambling squirrel soldier. “We were totally overwhelmed. It turns out that these new Furbys don’t feel pain and are incredibly powerful.”

These words struck fear into her heart because she was always scared of the Furbies, and that’s when she remembered that she had left something very important still tied up in Dump Town.

“Are you our enemy?” Ex-President Icedawg asked the tied up Green Tail.

“Believe it or not, I am your military commander.” Green Tail spoke the words that confused him just as much as it did everyone else.

“It is true Icedawg he led us to a victory of sorts. I mean none of us died which is more than we could’ve asked for.” President Christopher said. “And we would’ve been, if you had not shown up to protect us, but we did not send anyone out for help… why did you come back?”

A stiff sadness struck Icedawg’s face, something to which Christopher had never seen him wear. Icedawg’s pink fur had darkened much like his mood from this one question. The ex-president strained to come up with the words to explain their reappearance.

“Sydney is sick…” Icedawg sputtered. “And, we caused it.”

“How?” Christopher asked.

“LET GREEN TAIL GO!” yelled the exasperated voice of Emperess Glory Tooth on the other side of the green river.

“Cut me down, and let me speak to her.” Green Tail asked. “Maybe I can finally get her to leave the Furbys alone.

The Furby leaders look at each other, nodded in some unspoken agreement, and cut the skunk down. He didn’t stop to complain about his hunger, or the pain in his head from being knocked out. The only thing that mattered to him now was to stop the beaver that he loved from being the monster he knew she wasn’t. Or, was her gorgeous tooth deluding his mind.

There she stood, more beautiful than ever and just as worried. She looked desperate, completely surrounded by her soldiers waiting to invade again in a seconds notice. She looked like she was on the edge of a panic attack and or a really bad burp about to blast out of her mouth.

“I’m here my love, but please don’t do this. If you invade this time the Furby’s have a force more than capable of wiping the Alliance out. Do you want that? Do you want the entire Alliance force destroyed?”

“… No.” Glory Tooth said realizing that deep down inside she kind of liked the squirrels now that she was their leader. “These are my people and I will protect them from all harm, but I need you.”

“And you can have him,” Icedawg said standing next to Christopher and the rest of the Elder Furbys. “Only if you swear peace right here and right now!”

“I do, only if your military commander swears to marry me right here and right now.” Glory Tooth stated shyly.

The Furby’s looked annoyingly at Green Tail who responded with an emphatic, “I DO!” He crossed the Green, and was married to her by a Green Priest as is his custom as a Furbie/skunk/squirrel Emperor.












The End.

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