Diaries of Holy Knight: The Re-Bellious is in full swing!!!

You are AWESOME and I BELIEVE in your DREAMS!!! I am sending for the cover design for Diaries of a Holy Knight: The Re-bellies today in hopes that it will give me more incentive to get the book done. Currently I am on chapter 10 messing with tension building, and the end of the first week of activity in the real world. In this book there are two whole weeks with each week ending with a crescendo- first week a championship baseball game played in Gulf Shores with Gulf Shores hosting, and the second week ending with the prom. Throughout we have our few protagonists learning more about what happened in the other world, known as the In-Between, after the events of the first book. It is coming along swimmingly but I keep getting distracted with ideas for other books, like Dump Town tales for instance which I have at least three more short stories for the novella in mind, each crazier than the last. Anyway may God bless you each, and thank you all for the birthday wishes!!! YOU WILL GET YOUR DREAMS!!!FreshPaint-10-2016.10.08-10.45.29

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