Diaries of a Holy Knight: The Re-Bellious.

This is the cover to the forthcoming book in the Diaries of a Holy Knight series: Diaries of a Holy Knight: The Re-Bellious. It will take place 3 months after the seven teens returned from the In-Between, and completed Justin’s mission. Now the middle-schoolers are getting a first hand lesson on dealing with important social decisions like prom, teen angst, parental rule enforcement, and KILLING DEMONS!

It is already pretty amazing and one of my fans is reading a portion of unedited dribble that I typed for it. This book is promising to be far larger than the first, and I have to remember that I am making seven books out of this, instead of 70!

Anyway all credit goes to God first, then my wife for being amazing, then life for being totally interesting, then my awesome cover designer Oliviaprodesign on fiverr.com, and finally everyone else that went into making Diaries of a Holy Knight: The In-Between the future success it is. Also thank you to every fan that I have accumulated from the beginning until now and thank you to the future billions of fans of the series as this movement gathers steam. By the end of the year I will sell 1 millions copies, at least that is my goal, quit my job to take up polar bear riding, and invade Norway with random hug dancing… Alright so only the first one is a goal of mine. I don’t know how, or why, but by the end of this year 1 million copies will be sold, even if they are all free. Next year 100 million will be sold, and the year after will be 10 billion copies. By then I want at least DOAHK The Re-Bellious out and DOAHK The Ex-Tremist to be out in the book stores.

My goals are to then take the money from the book sales and turn 40 percent into money for missions, 40 percent into money to invest in up-and-coming companies, 10 percent to go to tithe, and 10 percent to live on. These are my goals. Also I want to outsell every Harry Potter book ever sold and outsell ever Harry Potter movie, and believe me I loved them both. God is bigger than my dreams, and it is all achievable. God bless you all.

Diaries of a Holy Knight: The In-Between will be free again soon, and i’ll let you know when but it is coming up. It will be free for five days again and in that time I will be promoting it on multiple websites and platforms. I want to at least get 100,000 copies sold for free during that time, but 10,000,000 would be tight. I might sound like a crazy person for believing this way, and for the most part I am, but I know that my God will conquer my dreams for me and I will be able to, in-turn, help others.

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You are Awesome and I believe in your dreams!!! Get your dreams today!!!

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