Diaries of a Holy Knight: The In-Between 2nd Edition is in the works.


God bless you for having to put up with the first edition. From the grammatical errors to certain spacing problems to inconsistencies in the maps to an authors bio page to an acknowledgments page the 2nd edition is going to be far better than the first. I am currently having the first book reedited for its many, many, many, glaring mistakes and I am actually relieved that this is getting done, because every time I open my book and see a mistake it makes me furious that it’s even there in the first place. Anyway along with the new additions I am most excited for what the futures holds for the project. I am rehiring my formatting guy who did such a great job on the first go around with placing everything, making it look like an actual book in the first place. I am also steadily moving forward on the second book DOAHK TRB. As of right now I sit at 43 thousand words becasue I was being exasperatingly redundant on some stuff and burned it to the ground -metaphorically… really it was with the delete button but I did tend to press it hard.

I have come up with the name for the third book- Diaries of a Holy Knight: The Un-Bound. It will take place the Halloween after the prom that the second book leads up to and it will be magnificent. So, read Diaries of a Holy Knight: The Re-Bellious, coming out summer 2018, to learn what happens leading up to Diaries of a Holy Knight: The Un-Bound, coming out hopefully summer 2019. In other news you are all awesome, and I believe in your dreams. Thank you for everyone’s support on these projects and I cannot wait until this book is read by every Christian youth, and Christian in the world. I love it and I hope everyone else does. It is a healthy alternative to the sin charged mainstream facets for Christians today and I am trying to pull away from that with our work. If you are a parent than you know what raising kids in this environment is like.

A couple of people who have gotten back to me on a personal level, as much as speaking via phone and message is, about the book liken it to Dragonball Z meets Narnia, or Bleach meets Lord of the Rings which I was like, “that’s what I was going for, exactly”. I love Japanese Animation a.k.a. Anime and it has been a building block of my fantasy thought process for years, but so has Lord of the Rings. I mean I only started drawing maps after extensively studying Tolkien’s maps in the front of the Silmarillion, the Lord of the Rings, and the Hobbit. I know the maps at the begging on my book are nothing on par with his but I love maps. Do you really love maps or are you just saying you love maps? I love maps, I love maps!

Be sure to follow me on YouTube, as smiling jeremiah. Follow this WordPress websight. Follow me on Facebook, at http://www.facebook.com/jeremiah.knight.9 And get your dreams today. God bless you all and may you accept His salvation because it’s the only one that’s real.

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