Update: Doak: Tib 2nd edition.


There will be a slight delay in getting the 2nd edition of Diaries of a Holy Knight: the In-Between out. I have hired a new editor who is currently going through the book, but this will take the entirety of the next couple of weeks. I then plan on having my previous formatter work on this project to make it even more successful than the first. Also I love, love, love what my book designer oliviaprodesign from fiverr.com has done with this cover. The brighter color scheme of this book which looks closer to the second books cover is amazing. I am also thinking about getting rid of the second edition wording on it all together. Leave me a comment on whether you would like to see the second edition stay or vanish.

Pluses of having the second edition include an acknowledgements section including a lot of famous people (my wife, editors, assorted stuffed animals) that I want to recognize by merely typing their names, as mere as mere gets. I will have an authors bio with a picture of me wearing a Teddy bear onesie (fit for my wife) holding a sword and decked out with a full drawn on beard- be warned pictures will be coming!

Cons of having a second edition… I like bananas?

Anyway I will be aiming for early January for the release date of the second edition and also hoping to get the first draft of Doahk: Trb, Diaries of a Holy Knight: The Re-Bellious done at around that same time frame. Then comes the glorious process of reading through my tripe to pull out the goodies and expound on them, this same expounding transformed my first book from the sleek skinny model of around 120,000 words into the 148,000 word sumo wrestler that I unleashed onto cyberspace.

I get asked all the time – “What is your book about?” To which I answer “Dungeons and Dragons meets early 90’s anime while worshiping Jesus the Son of God.” When the confused stares start is where I THRIVE!!! I begin by lambasting them with “You are awesome and I believe in your dreams.” At this point they might or might not believe in gravity any longer so I go into how “Justin Smith a fourteen year old student from Gulf Shores Alabama has been waking up from nightmares ever since he returned from the In-Between. Nobody believe he, and his six friends traveled to a different world and fought countless battles in the few hours it took for them to reappear at the church. Now his fearful parents are making him relive his adventures to a psychiatrist that clearly thinks he is crazy. Even worse than this they have to deal with a new Principal that treats them like terrorists because they are Christian. After all he has been through can he make it out of Middle School and live for Jesus the Son of God. ”

Where do I want this series to go, everywhere, but mostly I would love to see this as a full feature movie. There is war, explosions, and fighting so of course I want Michael Bay to be a producer on it. It needs a huge budget so DISNEY. And I would like to have at least three of my actor friends to be in the movies- that’s it nothing too impossible. Plans to further market, well when I have the second edition out I will be purchasing a bunch of these, 10, and sending them out to all the lands. They will be carried by carrier eagle that have small monkeys aboard that give small sign language speeches to everyone they drop the books off to.

Pros of having carrier eagles with small monkeys that know sign language- it’s an EAGLE that carries stuff, and has a monkey that knows SIGN LANGUAGE!!! I mean they don’t need to be huge monkeys but like some type of south american monkey would suffice.

Cons of having carrier eagles with small monkeys that know sign language- UNIONS!!!

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God bless you all.

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