Blinglife thank you for my daughters cute, cute, cute shirt!!! And my son’s adorbs onsie!!! Also Diaries of a Holy Knight: The In-Between update.


That last picture was because my daughter, Lizzy, looks soooo cute in it!!! You are awesome and I believe in your dreams. Hey everyone and welcome to the fifth week of 2018 and boy are we off to an amazing start. Our friends at Blinglife have sent us a few gifts for our current and upcoming baby. A beautiful “I believe in your dreams” shirt, and an “I believe in your dreams” baby onsie!!! They are completely adorbs and insanely cute. This is amazing and I am incredibly greatful! Guaranteed my daughter will be wearing this same getup on Monday’s episode of The You R Awesome Show. I am soooo excited. Thank you Blinglife!!!

The edits to Diaries of a Holy Knight are chugging on along and will take a while longer so I have set a new date. That date will be the same time I will release Diaries of a Holy Knight: The Re-bellious  which will be this summer, approximately July 18th. I have been hopes to have them both out at that time but with how well my first go has been selling on Amazon I am not too worried about it. If you want some advanced looks at the second book, if you’ve read the first, let me know at

Yet again thank you to blinglife for the awesome gifts. They are awesome and I believe in their dreams!!! Check out the You R Awesome Show on Mondays at 12-12:30 Central Time and God Bless you all.

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