How far I’ve come in such a short time. From Oofdah Minnesota to You are awesome and I believe in your dreams Alabama. The title also has nothing to do with the subject of the post.

Diaries of a Holy Knight: The Re-Bellious is full speed ahead as I move ever so closer to July 18th the date of it’s dual release with Diaries of a Holy Knight: The In-Between 2nd Edition on Amazon. I was looking back at the images that I made when I was first writing this book and compared them to the extraordinarily amazing book covers that my awesome designer came up with and I was left speechless- for about a second because I can talk, and talk, and talk. I also thought about why it took my so long to write something that is 148k words when I am on course to finish the second book at around 160k words in just a year of writing it. I only became serious about finishing the second book when I was actively engaged in finding an editor, who has become something of a ghost writer, for the first book. Thank you Tyler Thompson. I have a date of the 22nd of March to be done with my first draft of DOAKH:TRB. I will be going back through that version for my second draft for all of April, and once more for May. Then I will have my editor tirelessly get that book ready by July. If there is some overflow I will by all means update here because it is a bit tight but I believe we cane achieve these dates because I believe in my own dreams as well.

The reason why I am telling you all of this is because my first novel took 6 years to finish, of which the editing and ghost writing is ongoing. I am excited because I have given myself goal and with those goals I have transitioned into a more functional author. Now for everyone that loves my story thank you and yes there will be more Dump Town Tales on the way, but I need to get DOAHK:TRB done before any of that. But believe me I wish to finish out the journeys of Ex-President Icedawg and explain exactly why little Sydney was made sick and how they are coping with their own existential questioning as robotic bears toys in the middle of a radioactive swamp.

You are all amazing, intelligent, individuals that can and will make your lives better for you and everyone around if you take the time to plan it out. I have a new philosophy and that is the take time to map out your day. I have only been doing this for the past week and I have been keeping up, mostly, with my quota even though as of right now am about -4700 words to catch up with. But it will be accomplished.

Tomorrow is my darling daughters birthday!!! She will be 4 years old, sadface/depression mode. My little girl is becoming a little woman every day and it scare/angers me. It scares me in the way that I still want to hold her in my arms but cannot any longer. It angers me because if any boy dares to take her away from me he and his father will lay broken before me- no if’s and’s or butt’s unless it is a preplanned marriage to make a genetic superrace of powerlifters of which I am open too… not really… or am I?

You are awesome and I believe in your dreams.

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