Happy Valentines Day, and Praying For The Families Involved In Today’s School Shooting In Southern Florida.

Today is a day where people express their love to each other just a little more and in a little more special way. But today was a day of violence and senselessness that transpired in a school in Parkland Florida. I pray for their families and will continue to do so because this kind of stuff can only be cured with the Lord Jesus Christ’s love, not hate.

Happy Valentines to my wife Vira Knight and I love you very much. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you, and have at least four more kids with you- but I will settle for 2. I have just one question for you- can I keep you. That is all.

We have a set day for the C-section to have our baby Josiah Jeremiah Knight come into the world and that date is 3/13/2018. It will be on a Tuesday and that baby is finally coming out. He is going to be a monster- anything less and he isn’t my child lol jk. I cannot wait for my son to cry, vomit, poop, laugh, coo, and learn about the world with us. I love you Josiah Jeremiah Knight.

Diaries of a Holy Knight: The Re-bellious is behind schedule so I will have an updated release time as the last one on July 18th expires, but as it’s going we might still be able to swing the July 18th. Regardless we should have everything we need for DOAK: TIB to be out by that date even thought I would love to dual release them we will handle it as we take it.

The You R Awesome Show will be on Monday at 12 to 1230 every Monday on YouTube, and I am thinking about simocasting with Facebook to further expand it’s reach. We will cross this bridge at our family discussion on Sunday, because its a family show so its really up to Lizzy.

I did a simocast of Dump Town Tales: The Two Presidents on Facebook, and YouTube on 2/13/2018 where I read the unedited form of the book with basic pictures. I love this short short story about radioactive Furbys and you will two if you get a chance to read it. Also the story is on this website somewhere in the mix so look it up and read it if you dare.

Ketosis Diet is back in full swing as I swiftly got off of it on 2/11/2018 where I ate a who three pieces of cake and jumped up ten pouds. That was all because of the water the carbohydrates were holding onto but it is what it is. I am now down back down seven of those pounds just three days ago and testing on the strips says that I do have a fair amount of ketones coming out of me- which is a plus. Keep going and never give up-even for cake.

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Pray for Florida!!! You are awesome and I believe in your dreams.

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