Diaries of an editing process!!!


Editing is a process that has cost me thus far 1750 dollars, and is going to cost another 4000 dollars for the book of my dreams to finally come out of the story I have typed. Do I need to refine the book? Certainly. Does it sound better than it has ever sounded- yes. Will the 4000 dollars make it better than ever before- absolutely. And what I have learned from Forbes Riley, and Grant Cardone is to say yes to opportunities even when I don’t see a way to accomplish this. So, I have accepted to do the 4000 dollars of developmental editing and am praying for the God of everything, Elohim, to make that 4000 dollars appear. There are many avenues I am going to have to use to secure these funds, none of them illegal Vira, and I am willing to pay it. If you’re not all in for your dreams you’ll never get them!!! Look at Cortez, Leonidas, George Washington, everyone famous from history including our Lord Jesus Christ you have to give everything to win. Editing is a step that will take another two months to accomplish when started. Everyday and every step brings me loser to my goal and I know you probably won’t want to hear this but I don’t know how I’m going to get those finances. Beyond that I I’ll be fine because this series of Books will be read all over the world by billions of people, the movie based on this book will net billions of dollars world wide including China, the merchandise for the books will gather another hundred billion dollars!!! Always ask God for big things because He wants to see your faith grow and remember nothing is impossible for Him; also nothing we could ask for would ever be big enough for the God of everything, Elohim.

My son has two teeth and he loves to bite 😅 also my daughter is doing incredibly well in pre-k. She has lots of friends- hav by a clue where she got that from. My eldest son is playing football and is a natural athlete👍💪💪 I also love my wife very very much.

Godbless you all.

You are awesome and I believe in your dreams🏆🥇👍

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