Fantasy maps and beyond.

You are awesome and I believe in your dreams❤️ My process on maps started years ago when I was living in Karlstad, Minnesota and reading the Lord of the Rings books. It was then that I saw these maps at the front of the book and fell in love with the idea of a fantasy world that you could explode with names, and places, and scenery, and history. I started drawing maps after that, although I did misspell mountain a few times right Danny? My maps were rudimentary, blocky, or as my dad would say- well best not to type would my dad would say- right Danny and Jacky? But I had the idea for Elderon when I was around 12-14 years old. It was a land mass where Dog people that lives in the trees lived and they would have ears against demons. I hadn’t a clue what the Dog people’s names were, likewise I hadn’t a clue what the demons name; however I knew that they didn’t like each other and that island is where they would fight to stay alive. I even wrote a short story of one hundred and fifty pages (if you’ve ever been to Karlstad, Minnesota I’ll assume you comprehend where I found the time to do this) about the chiefs of this dog people’s and the wars they waged against the demons, albeit unvictorious. The shift as I liked to call it happened when the human armies showed up with their glowing armor and fought the demons back. Years later and I continued to draw these maps, whenever I was bored and even years later beyond that I would show them to my youth group and say I’m going to make a story about you guys. It turns out that the story previously mentioned became the basis of the history of my In-Between world, in one form of another, and that God was preparing me like a prophet told me one day at the Community Church International in Thief River Falls Minnesota. Tha prophet, whom I have forgotten the name, left these words with me, “God is preparing you (me Jeremiah Cayne Francis Knight) like a man with a garage. And not all at once but over time it fills up with tools. (For instance the man gets a hammer and adds it to his work bench , and so on) He also let me know that God was proud of me and I believe st that time, quite as I feel most of the time, that I didn’t deserve it. I feel that all of those lessons, and adventures, and life experiences, have led to the fantasy that is Diaries of a Holy Knight: The In-Between a story about Justin Smith and his bouts with PTSD from going through wars in another world and nobody believe him so he has to explain what exactly he had gone through in this other world to a therapist that also thinks he crazy, but the more she listens the more she starts to believe.

Back to the maps. The hand drawn maps are from 2015/2016 the new maps are from a professional on his computer and look far more fantastyesque. They were relatively cheap off of and what I explained to the man from the United Kingdom, a mister snikt5, he delivered beyond my expectations- much like the first time I saw my book cover. I hope you all enjoy the extra steps I am taking for the second edition and I loved all the positive feedback I got for the first edition although unedited. We are also looking at I would say a few more months on the release date, and maybe my next book (Diaries of a Holy Knight: The Re-Bellious) sometime next year, and even further beyond that Diaries of a Holy Knight: The Un-Bound the year after. God bless you all and I don’t know if I can say this or not about the publishing company that I am with so best not to for right now but they are best ❤️

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