Diaries of a Holy Knight: The In-Between edits are done.

91FC21BB-7AB0-4847-AF51-7A4C7DF93FA1Have you ever fought for something that you knew you could do and right as you’re reaching out you realize- hey you’re about to actually do this, this is yours. What an odd feeling. I am extremely excited for the release of the second edition, otherwise known as the edited edition, because of the wide audience it will now reach. There were times, and i’m sure i’ll reflect on this after I roll around in one hundred dollar bills that fill my fifteen story house from the second basement all the way up to my third attic/rampart, that I wanted to be represented by a literary agent who would then whisk me away to a dreamland of limo’s, champagne, and packed out auditoriums- but where’s the story in that? I love that I have a publishing company now that has my back and thousands of people that want to read the book. I am a millionaire, now it’s time to live like it. I want the teens from a fictional Gulf Shores, and Orange Beach Alabama to be portrayed on screen so that their don’t just live in the memoirs of my mind, but also for the impact film brings. I want Diaires of a Holy Knight: The In-Between (How to deal with middle school, therapist, and a nasty principal while killings demons) to reach the world. I want DOAHKTIB in every house in Asia. I also want everyone in this world to worship Jesus and I’m hoping this brings the world a few steps closer to that. God Bless you all and you are awesome and I believe in your dreams.

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