My Hero Academia The Big Three Are Coming To Season 4!!!

I love ANIME!!! And this fall season 4 of my hero academia is bringing with it the big three of U.A high school (Lemillion – Mirio Togata, Neijire Chan – Neijire Hado, and Suneater – Tamaki Amajiki). These students are the best the high school has which leads to a lot of envy by the the newb class 1A which includes Deku (small might) bakugo (super Saiyan grenade boy) and Todoroki (icyhot). Will they be able to cross the difference in their abilities, and deal with the super villain societies that lay in the shadow? Find out in October 2019 💪


#anime #jesus #god #fit #crossfit #onepunchman #manga #movies #film #lift #power #music #dbs #goku #youareawesomeandibelieveinyourdreams


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