About The Author: Jeremiah C.F. Knight.

76DA34E1-6892-4259-878E-92E26C61BB40YOU ARE AWESOME AND I BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS!!! This is Jeremiah Cayne Francis Knight, and I want you to succeed at life. More over I want you to succeed with Jesus the Christ in your heart. My first series, Diaries of a Holy Knight: The In-Between, will be dropping any day now on Kindle and I would like you to know a few things about me. First you can find me on FaceBook at Jeremiah Knight, when you find that guy that looks like an outrageous dork that lives in Orange Beach Alabama you have come to the right me; I will accept all friend requests if you are real. My YouTube name is Smiling Jeremiah- same dork look about me but it is hilarious!!! I am 33 years old, October 3rd 1985, and I live with my wonderful family here on the beach. I am from the barren tundra of Karlstad Minnesota, but I was born in Santa Ana California- I guess my parents were indecisive lol. Anyway I love you all, and want you to all reach for your dreams and never give up.